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PURE WATER SYSTEM Harnesses nature’s power for cleaner safer water

The Hydropool PureWater AOP System is the safest,
easiest and most advanced water purification system on
the market today.
Water is first treated with ozone, nature’s most powerful cleaning
agent, rapidly oxidizing pathogens in the water.
UV Light
The Ozone enriched water is then exposed to a high volume of UVC
light, similar to most drinking water systems.
Active Oxygen Production
This unique combination of UVC light and ozone in our PureWater
system creates active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals treating 99.9%
of all contaminants, reducing chemical and chlorine dependency
to near drinking water levels.

V-TWIN JETS: The patent behind our Jet Propulsion System

The V-Twin Jets are the most powerful, predictable and
non-turbulent jets on the market today.
a. Shredding the Vortex
Pumps or propellers create a spinning vortex of water when travelling up
a pipe to the jet. The V-Twin Jet is designed to organize and shred the
vortex using the combination of our Current Collector and Swim Fins,
creating a smooth swim.
b. Doubling the volume of water
The first “V” of the V-Twin jet accelerates the water. The second “V”
then combines that water with the water drawn in from the swim gills
to produce and amazing 1400 gallons of water. The highest volume of
water in the industry

FORM SWIM GOGGLES WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY: The ability to track your swim is right in front of your eyes

So how do our new FORM® Swim Goggles work?
These Swim Goggles were developed in collaboration with top
competitive swimmers and coaches; they are the only goggles
built with a see-through real time display that can be viewed by
your left of right eye, depending on your preference.
FORM® Swim Goggles can show an array of metrics including your
split times to your distance. They also have over 16 hours of battery
life for a full and long-lasting swim.
So what does that mean for you the swimmer? Fitness coach that swims with you. Optical display shows time, distance and pace. Real time metrics. Measure, track and customize your workouts through the app.


This revolutionary VFX Control and Pump System is the
most advanced swim spa system in the world.
a. The Most Energy Efficient
Pump in the industry
Saving up to 40% compared to any competition, the
HydropoolVFX pumps deliver huge energy savings from one
season to the next.
b. Built with treadmill technology
The VFX system allows the user to pre-program up to four users with
the topside control. The control also has four ready set programs for
any user to take advantage of at the touch of a button.
c. Precise swim current
The elimination of any water diversion creates a “Dead Centre”
current. The combination of this and our current collector creates
the most predicable swim current in the market.