Nature 2 Pool

Nature 2 Pool


     The Natural Alternative to Chlorine

  • Clean, Clear water without harsh chemicals
  • No Chlorine smell or eye irritation


Nature 2 is a natural, mineral-based pool sanitizer that creates a clean, clear pool environment free of chemical odors and irritants found in most chlorine treated pools.  Not only does it keep your pool water sanitized and bacteria free but it significantly improves the look and feel of your water.

Nature 2 systems are available for both Inground and Aboveground applications.


Nature 2 works in conjunction with low levels of chlorine to sanitize pool water.  Either by automatic chlorinator or manual addition of tablets or granular chlorine.

Inground Pools

Available Systems:


  • Nature 2 Pro G Plus – combines the mineral sanitizer

with an automatic chlorinator in



– For pools 10,000-45,000gal.


  • Duoclear – combines the mineral sanitizer with an

automatic salt generator in one

complete unit.


– For pools 10,000-45,000gal.

Aboveground Pools

Available Systems:


  • Nature 2 Express – easy to install, mineral sanitizer.


– For pools up to 25,000gal.



  • Nature 2 A Sanitizer – mineral sanitizer.

– For pools 5,000-30,000gal.